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Trial Closing "Could this work for you?"

Trial Closing

"Could this work for you?"

As a child, I loved listening to my grandmother talk about life in the late 1800's, and as I approached my teen years, was fascinated by her stories of how young people "courted" in those days.  As was typical of proper ladies in the Deep South at the time, dating took place on the front porch swing in the company of her rather large family.  My grandparents kissed for the very first time when they were pronounced man and wife!

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Become A Sales Enthusiast

When I evaluate a salesperson's performance I become a virtual participant, much like a die-hard sports fan on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I'm a cheerleader; sometimes I'm the coach, and more often than not, I'm a little overzealous.  Case in point:  While watching a new home video shop my family once thought our youngest had mastered the potty when I shouted, "Yes!  She DID it!  I'm so PROUD of her!"  You could've cut the disappointment with a knife when they realized a sale had been closed. 

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Get Back to the Basics

Do you know how to effectively sell to potential customers?

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The Top 11 Tactics of Highly Effective Sales People

Anyone can become a salesperson; however, it's that little something special highly effective salespeople have that makes them so successful. If you study successful salespeople, you will find they all display some common characteristics and use some of the same types of sales tactics. What does that mean for you? Well, it means if you want to be a successful salesperson, you should learn the tactics highly successful salespeople use then imitate them while adding some of your own personality and spin to things.

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In Sales, Attitude Is Everything, or Is It?

Attitude Is Everything... you've heard this before, but what does that mean? And is it really all that important?

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How Body Language Can Make or Break Your Sale

Have you ever wondered why you lost a sale you thought was "in the bag?" If you're like most salespeople, you probably have. And have you given any thought into why? Again, you probably have; however, there's one area that's often overlooked when it comes to self-evaluation while trying to determine how and why you lost any given sale—body language.

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How to Improve Your Listening Skills in Five Easy Steps

Are you listening to what your clients are saying? Of course you are, but are you really listening to what they're saying? Or are you just going through the motions of listening while thinking about what you are going to say next? Don't worry if you answered the latter. This is very, very common, but it's something that can be overcome with some thought and little training.

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Could We Have Your Attention Please!

Sales Etiquette

No prospective buyer should ever leave a  home builder's sales office feeling like they just attended the annual Tour of Homes, yet that's exactly how I felt after visiting a new home community in an upscale suburb of Dallas.

When I arrived, the salesman, Greg, was so absorbed in reading a text message that he greeted me without looking up from his phone and muttered, "Just a sec," as he sent a lengthy reply.

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Several weeks ago, I arrived early for a meeting with a client and caught myself mentally evaluating a salesperson who appeared to be winding up his presentation.  During a lull in their conversation, I heard the prospective buyer tell the agent he was ready to go to contract.  "I really do like what I've seen here," he said, "I love the floor plan, the golf course is perfect, and I can't imagine a more ideal home site."

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It was the summer of 1989 when our daughters grew three inches taller and abandoned their skateboards in favor of nail polish, curling irons, and shoes.  Our family was growing and changing. We were clearly outgrowing our home.   Before long the girls would need larger closets and an area to entertain friends.  We would need our own space, separate from the rest of the home, where we could relax and escape late night giggles during sleepovers.

Back then, before Internet was a household word or Google a twinkle in its founders' eyes, we turned to the Real Estate section of our local newspaper to find out which builders were within our price range, then spent the next several weekends visiting one busy sales office after another. 

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