3 Ways to Overcome Your Sales Team’s Fear of Video Mystery Shopping

Sales professionals often squirm when we mention video mystery shopping. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience, or perhaps being on film just seems too “Big Brother-ish.” When introduced properly, however, video mystery shopping can provide significant training and self-awareness value for a sales team.  

Here are three ways to sell video shops to your sales team:  

1. Professionals at all levels watch their performance on video to better their skills in sports, entertainment, public speaking, dance, and the list goes on. Video mystery shopping will help hone your sales presentation (and mannerisms) to be successful in your field.  

 2. Offering a reward system or competition when introducing the mystery shopping program is a great incentive and motivator. Gift cards for restaurants, spas, or perhaps just recognition in your monthly newsletter go a long way toward boosting morale.  

 3. Video mystery shopping can lead to more sales. Strengthening your sales presentation can help you close more deals. That, in turn, benefits everyone financially. 

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