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Three Things Mystery Shopping Will Tell You That Customer Satisfaction Surveys Won’t

Customer satisfaction surveys are increasingly important for benchmarking your business’ customer experience, but they don’t provide the full story. Mystery shopping can provide a level of intelligence that surveys won’t. Here’s how:

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4 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smartwatches. The technology sphere teems with devices to keep us constantly connected. And while you may be on your A-game when it comes to Internet marketing, do you know what you’re doing with mobile marketing?

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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Serendipity happens. Something as simple as small talk in an elevator or a chance meeting in a coffee shop can turn into a career-changing event when you find yourself in an unexpected engagement with a prospective client. 

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How to Create, Promote, and Solidify Company Culture...and Why You Need To

In the daily hustle of running a business, it’s easy to overlook the importance of company culture. You may even think that compared to making sales quotas, assessing customer satisfaction, and building new business, culture is a pretty low priority... if it’s a priority at all. 

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