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Five Ways Mystery Shopping Can Monitor Employee Performance

Meeting or exceeding store-wide sales goals is a good indicator that your team is doing their job. But what about when they fail to meet muster or when they’re not consistently trying to go above and beyond for your customers?

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What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping  is a great way for business owners to gauge the effectiveness of several aspects of their operation all at once, such as store cleanliness, sales team performance, and employee customer service skills.

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3 Ways to Overcome Your Sales Team’s Fear of Video Mystery Shopping

Sales professionals often squirm when we mention video mystery shopping. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience, or perhaps being on film just seems too “Big Brother-ish.” When introduced properly, however, video mystery shopping can provide significant training and self-awareness value for a sales team.  

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Four Goals of Employee Performance Evaluations

Employee performance review: It’s a phrase that even the best employees and managers often dread.

While the whole process is supposed to be a useful assessment of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, all too often employee evaluations serve as little more than a human resources requirement. Managers may view them as a way to check off boxes rather than gleaning valuable insights from the conversations.    

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