Is Direct Mail Dead? Not at All: Three Ways It Still Works

Direct mail continues to boast one of the highest response rates and ROI among marketing solutions, even with young adults and even in an age where everyone seems glued to their mobile devices. Here are three reasons why savvy business people should not overlook this critical marketing tool:

Personal Touch

According to a Gallup report, 41% of people get excited about checking their mailboxes while 95% respond positively to a personal card or letter.  

Proven Commodity

Direct mail has existed for over 100 years and still offers a median 29% ROI. In fact, direct mail response rates are actually up to 30 times higher than digital solutions.

Emotional Response

Customers are more likely to engage with something physical as opposed to digital forms of advertising. Studies show that direct mail recipients experience heightened excitement and greater desire for the advertised items.

So before you ditch your print advertising budget, consider sending your target market a letter or flyer. You might be surprised by the results!

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