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Selling Features and Benefits

Selling Features and Benefits

Anyone can walk through model homes with prospective buyers, pointing out bedrooms, bathrooms, cabinetry and cooktops, but a good sales professional knows there is a world of difference between showing a house and selling a home.

Today's new home buyers are looking to buy or build their dream home, in some cases, their forever home, and they are counting on you to convince them that your home is a better choice than the competition.  High on their list are features and benefits.

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Make 2015 a Year to Remember

New Year's resolutions challenge us to try harder, go farther, and reach higher than ever before.  But simply saying we will reach this goal or that goal isn't going to get it done.  Success requires commitment, planning, and hard work.

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Trial Closing "Could this work for you?"

Trial Closing

"Could this work for you?"

As a child, I loved listening to my grandmother talk about life in the late 1800's, and as I approached my teen years, was fascinated by her stories of how young people "courted" in those days.  As was typical of proper ladies in the Deep South at the time, dating took place on the front porch swing in the company of her rather large family.  My grandparents kissed for the very first time when they were pronounced man and wife!

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Sell Them The First Thing They See (In 20 seconds or less!)

Written by Nancy Luttrell


(In 20 seconds or less!)


When customers walk into your office, they are shopping for more than just a new home; they are shopping for the right sales professional to guide them through the process of finding and purchasing or building their new home.

What does this mean to you?  It means . . .

You are the first person they see and you have only 20 seconds to sell yourself!

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FOLLOW UP - If you’ve lost it, find it!

 Written by Nancy Luttrell


If you’ve lost it, find it!


I’m currently in the market for a new car – something I’ve eagerly anticipated for more than a year.  Weekends one, two, and three were planned well in advance, my strategy being to visit those dealerships farthest out and work my way home.  Quite honestly, I never expected I would still be looking after weekend two.

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Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Make Time for Discovery

Q: Can you name the five features that top every new home buyer’s must-have list? 

A:         Of course not!

The most seasoned sales professional knows that customer wants and needs vary as widely as paint colors.  The examples below represent a very small portion of a very long list:

  • Family size
  • Social interests/Activity levels
  • Health concerns/Physical restrictions
  • Style/Color preferences

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