The Top 11 Tactics of Highly Effective Sales People

Anyone can become a salesperson; however, it's that little something special highly effective salespeople have that makes them so successful. If you study successful salespeople, you will find they all display some common characteristics and use some of the same types of sales tactics. What does that mean for you? Well, it means if you want to be a successful salesperson, you should learn the tactics highly successful salespeople use then imitate them while adding some of your own personality and spin to things.

Yep! It really is that easy! 

Here are some of the most common tactics of highly effective salespeople.

1. Actively Listen While Identifying the Customer's Wants and Needs

Learn how to actively listen to your customer's wants and needs and match it to what you have to offer. Then all you have to do is show them how your product and/or service benefits them based on what they told you. If you can show your customer how your product and/or service solves their problems or fulfills their wants and needs, then you are well on your way to getting the sale.

2. Identify the Customer's Pain Point(s)

Many people buy something based on the need to fix a problem in their life. So, as you are listening to what the customer is telling you about their wants and needs, take it one step further and learn to identify any underlying pain point(s). People won't always come right out and tell you about a problem; however, a good salesperson knows how to uncover what that customer might not be telling them then find a way to solve it.

The best way to do this is to begin by asking the customer closed-ended questions that only require a yes or no answer. Then, as the customer begins to feel comfortable with you, you can start asking open-ended questions that will encourage the customer to reveal more information about their situation.

3. Don't Give the Customer Too Many Choices

This sounds counterintuitive when you're talking about making sales because most people like having choices before making a buying decision and that still holds true. However, if you give people too many choices they tend to get overwhelmed and end up not making any decision at all.

So, which one thing should you promote if you begin by only promoting one? This is where your listening skills come in. If you listened to your customer's wants and needs and took the time to identify any underlying pain point(s), you will immediately know which of your products or services to start with. 

Does this mean you don't attempt to sell all your products or services? No, it simply means that you only promote one product or service at a time. And once the customer has decided on one thing, then you can present them with another option. In fact, good salespeople will always follow-up every sale with another offer. People are more receptive to additional offers immediately after they have decided to buy something from you.

Additional Tactics to Consider

There are plenty of sales tactics that highly effective salespeople use. You should take the time to learn them, then select as many tactics as you can without overwhelming yourself and without coming across as insincere or unnatural. 

4. Always strongly stand by your product and/or service without displaying a lack of confidence, doubt, or any type of weak body language.

5. Offering some type of guarantee will take the burden off a customer's buying decision.

6. Provide your customer with proof that your product and/or service works.

7. Be polite and respectful when talking about your competition, even if they don't show you the same courtesy.

8. Always, always, alwaysmaintain a positive mindset.

9. Take the time to develop a relationship with your customers.

10. Only ask for referrals after you've earned the right to do so, which means not at the beginning of your presentation.

11. Maintain consistent follow-up habits and find creative, different, and unique ways to do so. This will help you stand out from your competition and stay at the forefront of your customer's mind.


Why not become one of them? All it takes is a little practice and a positive can-do attitude, and before you know it—this will be you!

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