Three Reasons to Choose Clear Evaluations for Mystery Shopping in 2019

Mystery shopping is a powerful tool but only if it’s in the right hands. While any company can offer mystery shopping services, not all agencies are created equal. As you begin your budget planning for 2019, think carefully as you consider mystery shopping services.

Here are three reasons to keep Clear Evaluations top of mind for your mystery shopping needs in 2019:

Managing volume

Some mystery shopping services simply can’t handle a sudden influx of new customers and continue to provide results-driven service to existing accounts. Clear Evaluations not only delivers quick turnarounds but manages its staff carefully to accommodate both existing clients and new ones.

Comparing costs

In today’s economic client, businesses can’t afford to lose a single customer. Highly trained staff are key to maintaining client trust. While basic mystery shopping programs can range from $50 to $500 per mystery shop, Clear Evaluations offers competitive rates and actionable intelligence that produces results. The difference is our commitment to in-depth on-going training for our professional mystery shoppers.

Consistent quality

The concept behind mystery shopping may be simple, but the execution is a different story. Clear Evaluations consistently aids clients by helping them identify changes they can make that will increase their bottom-line and boost customer loyalty. We don’t just fill out surveys; we help you change your business model.

Get a quote on mystery shopping services for 2019 by contacting Clear Evaluations today!

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