Three Things Mystery Shopping Will Tell You That Customer Satisfaction Surveys Won’t

Customer satisfaction surveys are increasingly important for benchmarking your business’ customer experience, but they don’t provide the full story. Mystery shopping can provide a level of intelligence that surveys won’t. Here’s how:

  1. You can more easily uncover your top performers.

A comprehensive mystery shopping report identifies the employee with whom the customer spoke and provides critical information from the interaction. Customer satisfaction surveys may not ask customers to provide names or distinct and useful details.

  1. You can gain real customer insights.

Mystery shopping offers objective reporting on specific areas like store cleanliness, wait times, and the overall customer experience. How long did it take a team member to approach the shopper? Were the shelves organized? Was the store well lit? Customer satisfaction surveys often don’t focus on the very specific details of the customer experience in which you are most interested.

  1. You can use a targeted approach.

Mystery shoppers have the ability and foresight to target key customer experience areas. Customer satisfaction surveys often cast too wide of a net and fail to deliver specific, actionable intelligence.

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