Three Ways Mystery Shopping Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Competition is healthy for any business, but how can you gain extra access to important insights that allow you to stay on top? Mystery Shopping. 
Mystery shopping provides actionable intelligence via an impartial, third party that can help you maintain supremacy in the marketplace. Here are three ways mystery shopping can give your business a serious market advantage: 

1. Customer Experience 

Quality products and service are vital for turning potential customers into diehard clients. Mystery shopping lets you know if your business is as appealing as it seems. For example, an apartment video shop can assess a property’s appearance when shown to a potential renter or evaluate a leasing agent’s communication skills.

2. Needs Analysis

Understanding your staff’s limitations is critical for success. An employee performance evaluation in the form of a mystery shop can highlight shortcomings you might not otherwise catch and help you re-adjust your training to address them.

3. Competitor Shopping

Looking inward is great, but don’t stop there. Mystery shopping can also provide insights on the competition. What are they doing better than you? What incentives or discounts might you emulate or enhance?   

Interested in giving video mystery shopping a try? Evaluate which options might work best for your business.

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