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3 Ways to Overcome Your Sales Team’s Fear of Video Mystery Shopping

Sales professionals often squirm when we mention video mystery shopping. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience, or perhaps being on film just seems too “Big Brother-ish.” When introduced properly, however, video mystery shopping can provide significant training and self-awareness value for a sales team.  

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Should You Try Mystery Shopping?

While companies have traditionally hired mystery shoppers to determine the effectiveness of a sales or promotional campaign or targeted product release, you can learn a lot more from mystery shopping than whether or not placing that ad during the Super Bowl was a good idea.

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Become A Sales Enthusiast

When I evaluate a salesperson's performance I become a virtual participant, much like a die-hard sports fan on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I'm a cheerleader; sometimes I'm the coach, and more often than not, I'm a little overzealous.  Case in point:  While watching a new home video shop my family once thought our youngest had mastered the potty when I shouted, "Yes!  She DID it!  I'm so PROUD of her!"  You could've cut the disappointment with a knife when they realized a sale had been closed. 

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Could We Have Your Attention Please!

Sales Etiquette

No prospective buyer should ever leave a  home builder's sales office feeling like they just attended the annual Tour of Homes, yet that's exactly how I felt after visiting a new home community in an upscale suburb of Dallas.

When I arrived, the salesman, Greg, was so absorbed in reading a text message that he greeted me without looking up from his phone and muttered, "Just a sec," as he sent a lengthy reply.

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It was the summer of 1989 when our daughters grew three inches taller and abandoned their skateboards in favor of nail polish, curling irons, and shoes.  Our family was growing and changing. We were clearly outgrowing our home.   Before long the girls would need larger closets and an area to entertain friends.  We would need our own space, separate from the rest of the home, where we could relax and escape late night giggles during sleepovers.

Back then, before Internet was a household word or Google a twinkle in its founders' eyes, we turned to the Real Estate section of our local newspaper to find out which builders were within our price range, then spent the next several weekends visiting one busy sales office after another. 

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