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Should You Try Mystery Shopping?

While companies have traditionally hired mystery shoppers to determine the effectiveness of a sales or promotional campaign or targeted product release, you can learn a lot more from mystery shopping than whether or not placing that ad during the Super Bowl was a good idea.

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Become A Sales Enthusiast

When I evaluate a salesperson's performance I become a virtual participant, much like a die-hard sports fan on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I'm a cheerleader; sometimes I'm the coach, and more often than not, I'm a little overzealous.  Case in point:  While watching a new home video shop my family once thought our youngest had mastered the potty when I shouted, "Yes!  She DID it!  I'm so PROUD of her!"  You could've cut the disappointment with a knife when they realized a sale had been closed. 

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It was the summer of 1989 when our daughters grew three inches taller and abandoned their skateboards in favor of nail polish, curling irons, and shoes.  Our family was growing and changing. We were clearly outgrowing our home.   Before long the girls would need larger closets and an area to entertain friends.  We would need our own space, separate from the rest of the home, where we could relax and escape late night giggles during sleepovers.

Back then, before Internet was a household word or Google a twinkle in its founders' eyes, we turned to the Real Estate section of our local newspaper to find out which builders were within our price range, then spent the next several weekends visiting one busy sales office after another. 

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A shared passion for golf and fast cars creates an instant connection with your customer resulting in a dynamic presentation and strong buying signals.  You ask if he has questions or concerns.  He can't think of any.  You confirm that everything meets his needs.  But when you ask for the sale, the guy you thought you'd read so well delivers a surprise ending.  "I need to think about it."

Whether you've been selling for 30 minutes or 30 years, you've encountered buyers who never make a decision without mulling it over.

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The Cadillac and the Beetle

Why Buyers Don't Like Salespeople

I grew up hearing the men in my family say, "Never trust a salesman," although it wasn't until I was well into my teens that I understood the reasons for their distrust.

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Talking About the Competition

People who are in the market for a new home ask a gazillion questions.  It's what prospectivebuyers do when preparing to make the largest investment in their lifetime.  As their sales counselor, you don't just answer their questions, you educate, motivate, and facilitate them every step of the way.  It's what you do to ensure your prospects are able to make a well-informed decision.

But is it risky talking to buyers about your competition?

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Make 2015 a Year to Remember

New Year's resolutions challenge us to try harder, go farther, and reach higher than ever before.  But simply saying we will reach this goal or that goal isn't going to get it done.  Success requires commitment, planning, and hard work.

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Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Make Time for Discovery

Q: Can you name the five features that top every new home buyer’s must-have list? 

A:         Of course not!

The most seasoned sales professional knows that customer wants and needs vary as widely as paint colors.  The examples below represent a very small portion of a very long list:

  • Family size
  • Social interests/Activity levels
  • Health concerns/Physical restrictions
  • Style/Color preferences

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