What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping  is a great way for business owners to gauge the effectiveness of several aspects of their operation all at once, such as store cleanliness, sales team performance, and employee customer service skills.

 Interested in giving mystery shopping a try? Here are three things you should know:

  • A professional mystery shopper is more than just a random consumer. He or she is a highly trained data collector who gathers vital information about the customer experience and sales team performance.
  • Trained mystery shoppers visit brick and mortar stores or contact businesses via phone or Internet armed with clear instructions on what observations to make or interactions to have with team members.
  • When executed properly, mystery shopping provides a holistic understanding of the business environment. Business owners can use that information to implement new training methods, improve their store setup, or offer constructive feedback to staff.

Ready to give mystery shopping a try? Clear Evaluations offers a host of mystery shopping experiences tailored to your business needs.

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